Attorney Martin E. Regan Jr. Always, but Always Places His Clients Freedom Front and Center

Attorney Martin E. Regan, Jr. always places his clients freedom front and center.

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The Nixon Leak-Fixing Legacy..

President Barack Obama, in his May 26, 2013 speech, has made a nice policy pivot away from the Bush/Cheney philosophy on the war against terrorists, albeit for many of his supporters it has taken an extremely long time for him to do so. Yet to the surprise of many, including yours truly, President Obama still […]

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Personal Injury Cases – A Banner Year For Our Firm!

We had a very successful year with over a Million Dollars in settlements won for our clients. Below are some of our recent wins in the area of Personal Injury cases.
Public Transportation
Street car door closed on passenger causing back injury.Result: $230K.
h3>Police Brutality
Police use of excessive force.Result: $150K.
Automobile Accident
Automobile accident, rear end collision, disc injury.Result: $150K.
Personal […]

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