Cellphone Spying Technology Used in California

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Cellphone Spying Technology Used in California


In California, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department recently admitted that they have and use cellphone spying technology. Apparently, when the news first broke, the sheriff’s department initially told a news outlet that they had no responsive records having to do with the technology.

According to California based News10, they obtained public records that suggest the Sacramento sheriff’s department did have Stingray technology. When confronted with these records, the sheriff’s department said a non-disclosure agreement signed with Stingray maker Harris Corporation prevented them from commenting.

The sheriff’s department later admitted to News10 that they did have responsive records on the spy technology known as  Stingray, but preferred not to provide it. It appears that the technology cots the Sherriff´s Department about $250,000 paid to  Harris Corporation technology in 2006.

A News 10 report stated: The sheriff’s department has not answered basic questions about the technology, including how the device works, what happens to data collected from innocent third parties, and whether search warrants are being obtained for its use. In a written statement released today acknowledging they do possess a “cell-site simulator,” the sheriff’s department said they do not retain data from phones that are not the target of investigations and say the device is used infrequently to locate felony suspects or kidnapped persons. They would not comment beyond that on the device’s capabilities, saying those details could render it ineffective.



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