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April 25, 2014
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April 28, 2014

Changes to the Sentencing Guidelines.



It what unfortunately is considered a bold move, the Attorney General of the United States, announced his endorsement of  proposed change to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines that would reserve the harshest penalties for the most serious drug offenders.

The Proposed changes , which were first unveiled in January, would only lower by two levels the base offense associated with various drug quantities involved in drug trafficking crimes and benefit nearly 70% of all drug trafficking offenders.

 However, the truth is the so called bold change would reduce the average sentence merely  11 months.

We think these changes are a small and timid step towards reducing jail population and thereby reuniting families.  We urge the Attorney General, the President and our Congress to rethink the failed War on Drugs and the now five decades of destruction it has rained down upon our society.







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