Do you have diabetes? Did you know you have rights at work?

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission(EEOC) recently filed suit on behalf of an Dollar General employee who was fired for drinking orange juice during a diabetic episode.
A Dollar General the employee, who has insulin-dependent diabetes, was working the cash register at Dollar General when she started to experience symptoms of a hypoglycemic episode. The employee grabbed an orange juice from Dollar General’s cooler and consumed it to stabilize her blood sugar. She paid for the orange juice after she finished waiting on the customers standing in line.
Dollar General fired the employee for violating its grazing policy, which prohibits employees from consuming merchandise before payment.
The employee previously told her supervisor on several occasions that she had diabetes, and she requested that the store allow her to keep her own juice near the cash register, but the store denied those requests.
“This employee took a life-saving precaution by drinking the orange juice,” said EEOC District Director Katharine Kores. “She should not be fired for having diabetes or tending to her health concerns – especially in such an emergency situation. Businesses need to use some judgment and restraint when faced with such an episode.”
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