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August 17, 2013
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August 22, 2013

Egypt Today.

The situation in Egypt has made me think a great deal about the freedom and stability of our country.  I can’t help but feel grateful for the protection our court system provides all citizens, or for the laws written by men and women who sought to protect each person lucky enough to live in The United States. I am grateful also for our fore fathers, men determined to create a nation that could endure the test of human frailty.

I feel fortunate to have visited Egypt a few years ago, and to have been able to see the splendor of the Egyptian culture.  The beauty and richness are magnificent and a treasure for the world to behold.

Of course that was not all I saw, I witnessed also the poverty of the people; the class differences and the political tensions.  At the time of my visit, Mubarak was in power and locals not willing to discuss him; but they were willing to talk about Anwar Sadat and what his memory meant to the country.  Here in the United States we remember Sadat as the remarkable man who was interested in bringing peace and prosperity to his country. At least that is how I saw him.

In the mean time, here in the U.S. we are in a quandary.  Common sense tells us that to continue to send weapons to the Egyptian Military increases the arsenal that the army is turning against the people that today demonstrate and riot in the streets of this amazing city that today is dressed in mourning attire. The President and the Congress of the United States face some difficult questions in this regard.




What the future holds for Egypt now is an unknown and the charter for the future is drawn daily in the streets of Cairo amidst the shouts, the tear gas and the bullets. Let us hope that peace comes to Egypt soon. How peace and harmony will be restored is a huge question mark. One can only hope that peace will be found soon so that millions of Egyptians can return to work, to the classrooms and to the markets.

We are so fortunate here, we might not like what this or that politician has to say or do. We might not want to hear the rhetoric or the bombastic tendencies of some in the media when they try to convince us that their view point is the correct one.  But we know that our country is strong and that our freedom is rock-solid.

The situation in Egypt demonstrates, at least to me, that the United States of America is a country solidly built on the rule of law capable of enduring political discourse and disagreement. I know our country to be capable of withstanding the daily grind of controversy and rhetoric without the bloodshed of our citizens.

And so today I am grateful for what we have.  Law and order is indeed a privilege we enjoy and one we should never take for granted.


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