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August 20, 2013
Jason Hamilton Second Degree Murder Charges Dropped
August 26, 2013

My Limited TV Watching…. My TV watching is very limited due to the long hours I work, but also because I have a limited interest in the programming available, that is except in the early morning hours, which for me is that quiet time of the day, about 5:00 a.m., when my keen interest in politics and world affairs is alive, and I am ready to consume information. I am an early riser, so while the house is still quiet I enjoy a cup of coffee, or two, with my golden retrievers and the news. I like MSNBC’s Morning Joe and CNN’s New Day. I often flip between the two, but for me it’s mainly its Morning Joe. I did not always feel that way, but Joe Scarborough has grown on me and his banter with Mika Brzezinski is enjoyable. More often than not I find their guests pleasing and the topic of conversation satisfying, but when they lose my attention, or I want actual news, I flip to CNN. My muse today is not about the news parse, or TV programming, morning java, or golden retrievers. It’s about how good it feels to see a New Orleans street car in CNN’s opening promo for New Day. Frankly, I like seeing New Orleans recognized for one of the many things that makes us so unique; street cars is just one of many. I know, I brag about this great city a lot, but it is good reason that I do so. There are big changes going on here and I want everyone to know the good news. Crime statistics seem to indicate that crime is inching down in New Orleans; current trends appear to indicate that college graduates in significant numbers are moving to New Orleans wanting to be a part of the future of a Great American City. Public education is improving in Orleans Parish, high school graduations is inching up. We have a solid mayor, committed to New Orleans and its progress. Unemployment is down. Building cranes can be seen all over and there are plenty of street repairs are going on. Even that national icon which spells plentiful, Tiffany, is coming to downtown New Orleans finding a new home in the shopping center we call Canal Place. So there is a reason why I write about our great city often. My profession brings me up close and personal with human frailty and the defense of the accused is part of my daily life. My schedule keeps me moving from court to court and from jail to jail quite a bit. Therefore, I sometimes look at life with a bit of sarcasm. I see lots of the city and its citizens every day up close and personal, not always does hope replace sarcasm, but frankly, more and more I like what I see about New Orleans.


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