Jason Hamilton Second Degree Murder Charges Dropped

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August 22, 2013
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August 29, 2013

“CHARGES AGAINST MY CLIENT HAVE BEEN DROPPED,” said Attorney Martin E. Regan, Jr. On Friday, August 24, 213, Second Degree Murder charges against Jason Hamilton were dropped by the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s office when evidence demonstrating he was miles away from the shooting scene was brought to light by Mr. Hamilton’s attorney, Martin E. Regan, Jr. Mr. Hamilton spent more than three years behind bars for a murder he did not commit. The DA’s office had charged Jason Hamilton with the murder of social media celebrity Anthony Barre, known as Messy Mya, who was fatally shot on November 14, 2010, near the corner of St. Anthony and North Rocheblave streets. Attorney Regan said Jason Hamilton is bipolar, and had not been taking his medication properly at the time he confessed to the crime. After his confession, questions regarding Mr. Hamilton’s mental illness stalled the case while he spent 18 months in psychiatric care. Furthermore, Mr. Regan was able to locate three witnesses who could testify that they were with Mr. Hamilton near the campus of Southeastern Louisiana University at the time of Barre’s murder. Mr. Regan also had cellphone records that showed his client was not in New Orleans at the time of the murder. Attorney Regan said the charges against Jason Hamilton were dropped in part because of witness statements that backed up his client’s alibi, along with evidence that surfaced recently when federal investigators revealed that another man, while being interviewed about a different crime, confessed to killing Barre. A gun was recovered during that interview, Attorney Regan said, and the ballistics of that weapon matched the one used in Barre’s killing. After the charges were dropped Friday, Attorney Regan said his client and his family were overjoyed. “They’re thrilled — this is a great day for the Hamilton family,” said Regan, adding that his client planned to attend a big, celebratory barbeque at his family’s home Friday evening. ` 26 August 2013



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