We are not powerless

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August 26, 2013
August 30, 2013

We Are Not Powerless!

At one time or another we have all felt powerless.  Sometimes we look at the problems facing our community, our country, and we think that there is nothing we can do.  But that is simply not so, we can influence law makers, we can organize and together we can work to change city policies.  In fact we can go so far as to change our elected officials because we have a powerful tool.  Think of it this way, men and women have, and do, die for the right to vote, they die for the right to determine their future and the future of their children.

Know this, we are no powerless, you are not powerless. 

As voters in a democratic country we have the right and the capacity to influence who and how we are governed.  We are empowered by the suffering of many before us to vote and be counted. When we go to the ballot box we determine what happens in our community.

The only time when we are powerless is when we do not vote.  When we tell ourselves, “there is nothing I can do, Washington is bigger than I am and my vote will not make a difference.  There, you are wrong!

You may ask yourself, why the pep talk on voting today? It is August and we are not facing a national or local election. True. But today is a day that marks a significant day in the history of our country. Today marks 50 years of the March on Washington. Therefore, it is a good day to think about the rights we enjoy and the power we have as well as to think of those that came before and in one way or another made our life better. So next time you think you are powerless, think again because you have the power to vote.

You think there is something specific you want to change or influence? Get involved, see what you can do. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Study the subject, read up on what is bugging you and learn how other communities handle a similar issue.
  • Go see your councilman or state legislator. If it is a Washington issue, go see your senator on congressman.
  • Maybe somebody else is looking at the same problem. Talk to others in your community. Together you might find that there is already legislation in the works to make the same change you seek.



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