“FBI created fake Seattle Times Web page to nab bomb-threat suspect”

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October 28, 2014
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“FBI created fake Seattle Times Web page to nab bomb-threat suspect”


Unbelievable News

Recently we learned that the DEA had utilized a citizen’s identity to create a fake Facebook account to pursue drug users.

Now we learn the FBI created a fake page within a newspaper’s website as a strategy designed to locate a person making threats against a high school.

From The Seattle Times:

The FBI in Seattle created a fake news story on a bogus Seattle Times web page to plant software in the computer of a suspect in a series of bomb threats to Lacey’s Timberline High School in 2007, according to documents obtained by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) in San Francisco.

The EFF documents reveal that the FBI dummied up a story with an Associated Press byline about the Thurston County bomb threats with an email link “in the style of The Seattle Times,” including details about subscriber and advertiser information.

The link was sent to the suspect’s MySpace account. When the suspect clicked on the link, the hidden FBI software sent his location and Internet Protocol information to the agents. A juvenile suspect was identified and arrested June 14.

Where is the line” How far can the government go legally in spying on us? It’s hard to say now that we are living in the electronic “wild, wild west”!

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