Government’s Taking of Innocent Property Owner’s Property Now a Hot Topic

“Law Lets I.R.S. Seize Accounts on Suspicion, No Crime Required”
October 27, 2014
“FBI created fake Seattle Times Web page to nab bomb-threat suspect”
October 30, 2014

Government’s Taking of Innocent Property Owner’s Property Now a Hot Topic


Unbelievable News

We have regularly posted about civil asset forfeiture and the manner in which local, state and the federal government are  abusing it to enrich law enforcement at the cost of our liberty and constitutional rights.

This  past Sunday’s New York Times had another  article on the dangers of asset forfeiture abuse.  It  follows a majormulti-part series on the same subject in the Washington Post. Last year, the  New Yorker also published a major article on the issue.

As both the Times and the Post emphasize, the present asset forfeiture system in most states allows law enforcement agencies to seize property even when the owner has not been charged with a crime.

After keeping the proceeds from the seizures, the police, prosecutors and courts then divide up the spoils among themselves.

This obviously creates a perverse incentive to seize as much property as possible, regardless of the guilt or innocence of the owners.

In most cases, as the Post notes, owners have little or no opportunity to reclaim their property because the procedures are involved are difficult and often too expensive for poor and lower-middle class property owners to afford.

Here at Regan Law, PLC, we represent citizens who have had their property seized by law enforcement agencies.

Call immediately for a free consultation, there are strict timelines to respond to the taking of your property and protect your constitutional rights.


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