Jury in New Orleans rejects murder charges against two suspects

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December 5, 2010
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July 13, 2011

April 01, 2011. Attorney Martin E. Regan handed the Orleans Parish district attorney’s office a defeat when a Criminal District Court jury last week acquitted two murder suspects last week. The jurors found that there wasn’t sufficient evidence to convict them of a fatal shooting at a Gert Town nightclub in New Orleans.

After a weeklong trial, jurors acquitted Dominick Lee, 22, and Lakisha Williams, 30, accused of gunning down 21-year-old Durrell Brown and wounding another man at Club Roc-a-fella 2.5 in April 2008.

This is the same case that ended in a mistrial last fall, when eye witnesses failed to convince jurors that Lee and Williams were guilty. During that trial jurors were told that the gun used in the shooting was smuggled into the club by a man in a wheelchair pushed by Mr. Lee, at a time when about 1,000 people were gathered for a party.

During last week’s retrial, Lee’s defense attorney, Martin E. Regan Jr., said the prosecution presented more eyewitness than testimony. Mr. Regan he was able to implicate two other men who were in the club that night, suggesting they were the more likely to have been the killers.


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