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January 17, 2014
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January 20, 2014

The Execution in Ohio


 The CNN News website (  had a deeply disturbing article the other day concerning the death by lethal injection of an Ohio man. The article offered a detailed account of what happened in the execution in Ohio. When the state of Ohio was forced to change drugs used to carry out execution in the State. The same article concluded by stating that statistics indicate that the death penalty is on decline in the United States. Such a glimmer of hope was an uplifting conclusion to a very difficult article to read. Eye witness reports indicate that the Ohio inmate apparently gasped and convulsed for more than 10 to 13 minutes before dying by leather injection. One individual who witnessed the execution reported that the convicted man, “… gasped deeply. It was kind of a rattling, guttural sound. There was kind of a snorting through his nose. A couple of times, he definitely appeared to be choking.”



It seems that, the State of Ohio, like other states, had in the past used the drug pentobarbital for executions. The drug is manufactured by a Danish company which, like other European manufacturers, has reportedly banned the use of their drugs by U.S. prison when employed for the purpose of carrying out executions. Ohio was therefore forced to employ a combination of drugs available in the United States which did not ultimately produce the results expected; this was made obvious by the fact that the entire process took a long 24 minutes. The execution has raised concerns across the United States, not only for the length of time it took for the inmate to die, but also for the manner in which he died. It appears that a lot of people are grappling with the fall-out from this execution: Why did it take so long? What did they give him? What doses were used in the execution in Ohio?

According to CNN, a spokesperson for the inmate legal team has called on the governor to impose a moratorium on future executions because of what took place this past Thursday. “At this point, it is entirely premature to consider this execution protocol to be anything other than a failed, agonizing experiment,” he said in a statement. “The people of the State of Ohio should be appalled at what was done here today in all of our names. Ohio, like its citizens, must follow the law. The state has failed.” I am well aware that proponents of the death penalty will say that the convicted man put his victim through an ordeal when he committed the crime for which he received the death penalty. Let me start by saying that I am not a man who subscribes to “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.” I prefer to subscribe to the notion that we are greater than the lowest and capable of great acts of kindness towards one another therefore I am not willing to condone a killing in retribution for another man´s killing.


I am a defense attorney, my 38 plus years of experience have taught me that even though a human being might fall, he is also capable of redemption and worthy of forgiveness. I am glad the thirst for death penalty appears to be waning in the United States, in my estimation there must a better and right and just path to explore. I am Attorney Martin E. Regan, Jr. and these are my personal thoughts.

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