We in New Orleans Can Relate to Philippines Today.

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November 22, 2013
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We in New Orleans Can Relate to Philippines Today.



We in New Orleans can relate to the overwhelming despair across the Philippines today.  We know what is like to lose loved ones, your home and businesses and everything that is familiar to you.  The damages from horrific typhoon Haiyan appear to be much more severe than the damages to our city as a result of Katrina.

Apparently, four different typhoons have hit the Philippines in a month the latest, Haiyan, brought heavy rain, flooding, washing away shanty houses near the coast.


Whether this is all caused by climate change of not is or the experts to decide.  Whatever the reason, human tragedy and sorrow is overwhelming to watch.  The world, I hope, will come to the aid of the Philippines and provide much needed relief to this island nation so ravished by rain and flooding right now.


One cannot help but despair at the sight of tiny newborns, which should be in incubators, receiving what medical aid can be provided while they lay in church pews; a terribly harsh way for life to begin.


It has taken New Orleans, almost eight years to begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It has taken a long time for our neighborhoods to come back to life and for businesses to truly get back on their feet.


We wish the Philippines a speedy recovery. May worldwide resources hear the pain and the plight of the citizens of that impoverish nation. None of us are immune to the wrath of human nature. The United States has had its share lately, twisters in Oklahoma, Hurricane Sandy on the eastern shore.


As Thanksgiving Day approaches, we shall all gives thanks for our many blessings, individually and collectively.  Let us be grateful for this great nation of ours and for its resources, grateful for the bounty of our crops and for our strong economy and most of all grateful for our families and our friends.


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