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November 25, 2013
Rest In Peace Nelson Mandela
December 6, 2013

No one is less qualified than I am to discuss the merits of international 
nuclear treaties. I leave others to ponder if the treaty negotiated by 
Secretary Kerry is a good or not. 

Let me then address what I do know and understand and that is the art of 
negotiation. I trust both parties knew they had a deal when they both had what they needed.  
Let's face it, greed is a bad negotiating partner. Therefore, if you hold out for 
more than what the situation can provide, you are bound to loose. 

Greed can lead a negotiator down a no win road. 

I am sure all parties in the Iran negotiations were experienced and savvy 
ensuring strong results for the US. Consequently,  I trust that they
brought about a solution to nuclear threat for the embattled region was subtle
negotiation and not bullishness.

Negotiation is the art of give and take, nothing more or nothing less. 
Regardless of the subject at hand, the  objective is to win for your side the 
best result possible. 
Find a path which gives all parties what they want and you will have a  win win solution and you have found a good agreement.
In other words, if you understand where you need to be and what the other 
parties needs are, how you get there becomes the true objective. In other words 
everyone needs what they needs to take home a victory. Negotiation is simply 
skillful maneuvering.  

So when I hear that the international community and Iran have reached an 
agreement on the subject of nuclear proliferation, I focus on skillful 
If the US achieved what was needed to protect Israel and other friends in the 
region as well as our own safety, then we achieved our national objective which 
I assume is world peace.    
I am Martin e Regan jr and this are my own thoughts. 

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